The app

The jewel connects via Bluetooth to its mobile application. No need to have your phone in your pocket, it is connected up to 30m from your smartphone (3 times further than objects connected in classic bluetooth).

Account creation

The creation of your profile can be done from a Google or Apple account in order to facilitate your first connection to our application. You can also register in the classic way with the name, first name and email.

Not available Huawei
iOS 13 minimum

The pairing of the jewel

The pairing is done in bluetooth directly on your mobile application:


You must activate bluetooth on your smartphone


you just have to click once on his jewel to be able to start it


The mobile app searches for nearby devices.

(on android only) : authorize the location in the background of the MyEli application in your phone settings.

Your jewel is finally connected

The home page

Once the pairing step is complete, you can access the home page of your MyEli application. This will allow you to configure your backup contacts and alerts.

you can enter up to 5 emergency contacts who will be alerted simultaneously of your danger.

you can also enter up to 5 “home-safe” contacts who will be reassured that everything is fine.

My account page

The my account page allows you to find all of your configurations with the jewel's connection status, saved contacts, alerts, etc.

Be sure to fill in your first name, the one that will be displayed on the phone of your emergency contacts. ex: Ludivine, MyEli EMERGENCY

The settings page

This page includes the contact page, the privacy policy, but also the possibility to disconnect.

Where to download it?

Not available Huawei
iOS 13 minimum